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a groundbreaking application,there has never been anything like it
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GridIron Flow is a very interesting program that was developed for all people who deals with complicated work projects with lots of components. The program uses methods of graphical visualization that helps users in better understanding of project’s structure and relations among all its’ parts. This application is especially useful if all your work project files are located in different places on your hard drive or even on other network resources. Using simple tools of GridIron Flow you can always get path to them in several seconds. Your work project is represented in graphical view on the special area called WorkFlow Maps. It always shows real status of work project, even if you copy, paste and cut files. This is possible thanks to Real-Time Asset Tracking that runs in your system tray and monitors all changes. Another interesting feature of GridIron Flow is Time Tracking. Use it for saving detailed statistics about time spent on creating one or several files. Another important advantage of this program is really cool futuristic design.

Ilya Barmenkov
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  • Stable work
  • Cool design
  • Lots of useful features


  • High price
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